Tuesday, December 21, 2010

What the Frugality Game Taught Me


Being the cheesy writer at heart that I am, during the frugality Game I kept thinking of an equally cheesy blog post I could write about to tell my followers how simply saving money changed my life in more ways than one. However, I kept telling myself that would be entirely too cheesy and I reckoned no one would care. That is, until someone commented saying that I would be surprised how this game would help in all areas of my life. Why, by George, I thought, that’s exactly what I was thinking! So here is your extremely cheesy blog post, and you can thank Joy for it.

1.       The Frugality Game helped me in being less self-centred:
The thing about being a shopaholic is that if you’re not careful, you can become very self- centred. While I did not become quite as self-centred as I have seen others become, I did become self- centred enough to start to dislike this trait that was emerging in my character. I had noticed that in all my conversations I would talk endlessly about this great blouse I found on sale, how it fit me so well, what hair style I would wear with it.  Or I would go on endlessly about this great lipstick I bought, and how it contrasted so well with my dark skin and hair. Every conversation seemed to revolve around my purchases and how I was (supposedly) benefitting from them.
And the thing was that while I would sometimes buy stuff for family members or friends, most of what I bought was for myself. Therefore, not only was I senselessly spending money on stuff I didn’t need, but I was also senselessly focussing way too much on myself. Now the shopaholic era is over I have found myself becoming more interested in other people’s affairs and less on myself and my expenditures.

2.       I have more money.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Shopping landscape of the Caribbean

 Fashion landscape of the Caribbean, and how different shopping is on a whole.

I live in the Caribbean, and understandably, everything here is quite different to other more metropolitan countries such as the U.S.A and England, which have huge cities such as New York City and London. That is not to say that my region is not developed. It is, very much so. I hasten to make this point as I have been told stories of well- meaning tourists who were surprised to find we have wi-fi, multi-lane highways, and a very highly-rated educational system. However, in some aspects, the Caribbean is a wee bit behind. I mean, of course, in terms of fashion shopping. (You didn’t think I would tackle a serious topic, did you? I am the fashion-obsessed Misnomer after all. J

Five things you didn't know about the Misnomer


First things first, I know that I've been a bad, bad blogger. I haven't posted in ages, due to a mixture of unforeseeable circumstances, a heavy workload and bad time management. Anyway, excuses aside, I'm really sorry. And knowing I really couldn't put off posting very much longer, as my last post is soon facing its one month anniversary, I decided I really needed to post something, in hopes that my thirteen followers can find it in their hearts to forgive me.
So here we are. I've decided to do one of those 'Five things you don't know about me' that everybody gets annoyed by, but can't help reading. 

Five Things You Didn't know About the Misnomer
5. I wear thick, red-framed glasses that you may never see me wear as not only am I trying to be enigmatically anonymous here, but they are also kind of unattractive. I only wear them to uni and at home.

4. I have an unhealthy interest in pictures of people smoking cigarettes, although I don’t smoke myself.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Frugality Game: Final Episode: The Dog Days are over!!!

The Frugality Game is over guys!!! And I have a surprise for you! : I WON!!!
I know I didn't think I'd win, in fact I was pretty sure I would end up coming second after Jackie but let's just say that Jackie hasn't been quite as transparent about her spending as she should have been. (the sneaky wench. Haha!)
Now if you remember, at the start of this game, it was my sister Jane who was all gung-ho about playing this game because she was certain she would win. She was so excited in fact that she created a spending log sheet on which we each had to fill in exactly how much money we spent every day. Now I and Jane had been faithfully filling in our purchases every day, but Jackie got kind of lazy with keeping track of her purchases, and that is why Jane and I thought she was not spending any money at all. But it turns out that she has been spending money. And quite a lot of it at that.
 I only discovered this recently when I had lunch in my favourite restaurant with my sisters. I was begging Jackie to at least give me an estimate of the little money she had spent for my blog. But she kept brushing me off. Finally I said "well, I've spent more than $300, you don't have to tell me exactly how much you spent, but just tell me if it's more than $100, or more more than $150..."
She laughed derisively. "Trust me, I've spent way more than that."
I dropped my fork into my chicken alfredo. "You have? ..Exactly how much more have you spent?" I was starting to get a bit excited, but I was trying to hide it for her sake.
She sighed dramatically. "Well... I had to buy a lot of things this month for the apartment. And then there is gym membership, your birthday present, these clothes I just bought. And lots of other stuff. And that's just October. I spent so much money at the end of September that I don't even want to talk about it. In all, from the end of September till now I'd say I've spent about... more than $600."
"What? I can't BELIEVE you!" I said in an admonishing voice, though I was grinning from ear to ear. "I mean, honestly, I've been telling everyone on my blog that you've been so financially prudent, and that I'm proud of you and this is how you repay me?"
She had the grace to look ashamed and started wringing her hands. "Well, it's really, really hard to save you know."
I was reminded that I'm a shopaholic too and I know how hard it is to save, and I felt sorry for her. "Well don't worry. Even though the frugality game is finished we'll still keep trying to save, and eventually we'll get there, right?"
"I have to get there. I'm broke. Don't expect a Christmas gift from me, kid." She joked.
"Haha, you're funny...You are joking...right? right????
She just winked and said she had to go.

So that's it folks. I've WON!!!! I'm so happy. I didn't even realize yesterday was the 21st till my friend mentioned it and then I started freaking out in the middle of the cafeteria. But I didn't even care. I made it guys. Thanks to the fantastic followers who read along and/ or commented on each post (thanks especially to Zabrinah, Isabel, and E.)
So it'll be back to regular programming from the next post. Blogging about random stuff, though I will keep you up to date with my tales of getting over my shopaholic tendencies. I'm not going to give up on myself. I'm better than I was last month, and I want to be better next month than I have been this month. I just gotta keep my eyes on the prize. And off sale racks and high priced eyeshadow.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Frugality Game: Episode 3 : I fell off the wagon.


  So I may have suffered a minor setback, not really in the frugality game but in my quest of overcoming my shopaholicism. I kind of spent $40. On eyeshadow.
   I know that's not much of a financial setback when compared to the $90 I spent on my hair but that was an emergency, so I can rationalize that. But this? I don't know what I was thinking. Especially when I recall the fact that I have never spent more than $14.75 on eyeshadow. Till now.
   But let me tell you how it happened.
   I got a ride to work on Friday, and as I've mentioned before, I work in the den of all evil for a shopaholic : a mall. Anyway, to avoid being tempted by the stores in the mall, I've been getting to work exactly on time so that I have to go straight to my desk and have no time to window shop or browse in any of the other stores. But that day I got a ride to work and my ride deposited me at the mall a lot earlier than I expected. So I had some time to kill. I wandered up a staircase and ended up in the clothing store of one of my friends who we'll call V. I was proudly looking through racks of clothes without being (too) tempted, and basically I was just very smug about getting over my shopaholicism and being so frugal.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Frugality Game : Episode 2


   Ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered a brilliant way to avoid spending money: get sick. Trust me, it works. I was sick a week before last with a bad cold, and I didn't spend a dime. Not one dime. In fact, if I could be sick without the side effects of....sickness, I would cuz then I'd be a millionaire in no time.
   That was a joke by the way. I never want to be sick again. Missing a week of school and of work isn't worth it. But what I wasn't joking about is that I spent no money that week. And get this : Miss Frugality Jane is still in the final position of the Frugality game as she has bought two dresses which are indeed nice, but which came up to a total of $160. Add that to the two bags she bought a couple of weeks ago and you can understand why even she accepts that there is no coming back for her now. Especially since my other sister Jackie has continued to be so financially prudent.
   Me? I'm still somewhere in between. I had to go to the hairdresser on Monday because when I was sick I completely neglected my hair for a week and it started to look weird and being the hair obsessed girl I am, I just couldn't handle it. So first thing Monday morning I practically flew to the salon to have it treated and trimmed, and between my sobs and hysteria, my hairdresser seemed to understand that I needed her to do it, cuz I just couldn't handle it anymore. Well, she did a brilliant job, but I ended up spending $90 on that brilliant job. Now add that to my purchase of Victoria Secret underwear I did not need, and other various little items that I SO did not need (like did I really need those two $7 each sparkly barrettes? No.) and I'm up to a total of $200+. Which isn't that bad, considering that Jane has spent  $400+ so far. I don't know how much Jackie is spending, but I do know that it isn't a lot at all. The girl has not been shopping in ages!
   I don't understand what is up with her. She used to be such a shopaholic when I was growing up. In fact, she is the reason why I became a shopaholic. But I guess I'm really proud of her. And of myself.
   What I cannot understand however, is why Jane is spending so much. And why all at once. You see, unlike Jackie and I, who used to shop often but not spend a lot, Jane rarely shops, but tends to spend quite a bit when she does shop. This is because she likes to have clothes of good quality so she won't have to shop again for awhile. Now this is logical, and does make sense, but it is just unfortunate for Jane that she is seeing all this high quality stuff all at once in the month that she decided to initiate the Frugality Game.
  The irony of this is not lost on me. In fact, I chortle every time I think about it. Much to Jane's chagrin.
  So that's the frugality game update.
   In other news, I am about to be submerged in a ton of Literature mid semester essays, so you will have to forgive me if my updates are not as frequent as I'd like them to be.

p.s. By the way, I celebrated a birthday recently and one of the gifts I received, among jewellery and shoes, was an Oster hair dryer that is so powerful I think it could tow a truck! I'm really glad I received it because I would not have thought of buying an Oster hairdryer. I thought they only made toasters. Who knew?
 Have a great week guys!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Frugality Game : Episode 1

Disclaimer : This pic is not mine and is used compliments of cyberescue.co.uk
   My sister Jane was convinced that she could succeed in spending virtually no money this month. As in zero dollars. On Wednesday when I was telling her that she has to spend money SOMEtime, she said in a very serious voice "No, I can spend no money if I cook everyday, if I don't go out with friends, if I don't leave the house, if I don't do anything."
   I rolled my eyes at how serious she had become. This game has really brought out her competitive streak. As soon as I got home Wednesday evening she announced that she had spent no money that day.
   "How much money did YOU spend?" She asked brightly.
   "I don't wanna talk about it." I mumbled.
   "Haha! See? I'm winning already!"
   "Yeah, yeah. Don't judge me. I had to buy lunch."
   "Well, if you would cook in the morning like me you could bring your own lunch to University."
   "But I can't cook.
   "Well, whose fault is that? You're so gonna lose this game."
   Ooooh, that was low.
   I turned away from her and consoled myself by planning my next blog post.
   However, my buying lunch is no longer a problem as my sister has relented and said lunch doesn't count. Nor do grocery bills or anything like that that is absolutely necessary. I mean, you've gotta eat, right? Instead, only the purchases that are not necessary, like say, buying a snack when you've just had lunch, or eating out for dinner when my mum has already cooked dinner, will be counted.
   Anyway, my other sister Jackie has also joined the frugality game. She like me, is a shopaholic used to be a shopaholic. In fact, sometimes I wonder if I get some of my impulsive shopping habits from her. Therefore, I was worried that she might not last out this game. However Jackie has actually spent the least amount of money out of the all of us so far.
   But onto the struggles of yours truly in this darned game. Well, it's been really tough on the Misnomer so far. And was especially hard this week as the mall I work in had a mall-wide sale.
   Yup. Mall-wide. And up to like 60% off in certain stores too.
    Can you imagine how an alcoholic feels when being confronted with liquor after two months of being sober? Well, that's how I felt when I was confronted by the giant sale sign after being clean for three days.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lets play a game.....

Disclaimer: Pic compliments of www.lilitu.com
My sister has just suggested that we play a game. I perked up hoping she meant something like Uno or Poker or something interesting.
   "I propose we play a game this month. I've decided to play this game with my friend T and we decided to challenge each other to see who can spend the least money this month. 'Cos we're both trying to save. Do you want to play too?"
   My shoulders immediately slumped and I went back to frowning at the laptop screen. I thought I knew why she was mentioning this game to me. Earlier this very night I had unwittingly allowed her to read my last blog post on being a shopaholic. Still in denial about how horrible my shopping habits have become, I kinda don't think I need to play any silly frugality games. Pssh. I can stop my shopping anytime. And I will. All on my own.
   Yes, these were the thoughts that raced through my head in the seconds that followed her announcement. Then I figured what the hell, I might as well play this game. I mean, I only have a part time job while my sister has a permanent full time job, so she makes more than me, so she is probably going to spend more than me. I should win this game easily.
   Then I remembered something about my sis Jane: she is the sensible sister. And she doesn't like to lose.
My other sister Jackie and I are far more flighty, live-for-the-moment people. We're both shopaholics, we're both random, and we both have odd senses of humour. Jane is special too, but she's just always got her head on more than us. She's dedicated, passionate to what she loves, and single-minded. And she doesn't like to admit it, but she can be very competitive. She will be a worthier opponent that I had previously thought.
   And so without further ado....let the games begin.
  This will be a series I will try to blog about at least twice a week till the end of this month-long game. Should be interesting seeing how a shopaholic will cope against a sensible sister. Lets do this.

   p.s. By 'month', my sister means that this game will commence from today, Sept 21st till Oct 21st, as September has nearly ended (and thank God for that. September has not been my best month. lol)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

I've got a problem...

Disclaimer: Photo courtesy of sodahead.com
Last Saturday afternoon found yours truly in a dressing room slithering her way into a white maxi dress. The maxi dress was-- as most maxi dresses are-- far too long for my five feet two inches. I stumbled out of the dressing room to show my friends, M, K and L. They gave me a look that said, put it back, but I totally ignored them, and started to rationalize why this would be a good purchase.
   Well, obviously, I could alter it. Or I could just wear heels with it. I mean, like six inches of it was dragging on the ground, but I have five inch heels that I can wear, and in that case only one inch would be left dragging. Which is totally normal. Plus, I could artfully wrap the excess material (I swear it was made for a giantess) in a knot at the bottom like that woman I once saw in a Caribbean trip advertisement.
   I launched these ideas to my friends who gave me a deadpan expression that showed they were not amused. K pointed out that I always say I'll have clothes altered, but I never get around to it. L said that if I was gonna spend 60 bucks on it, the least the dress could do was fit me properly. And did I really want to spend more money on getting it adjusted? M just shook her head at me and sighed. Then I realized I don't even wear those 5 inch heels that often. Plus, that tying your dress in a knot thing might only work for Caribbean tourists.
     So with a heavy heart, I trudged back into the dressing room, clawed my way out of the white parachute and later re-emerged to hang up the white monster back on the rack. It was then that I realized I may have a problem. Because if my friends had not been there, I might have very well bought that dress. And do you know why? Because in that dressing room, I had started deluding myself that I could indeed have that dress, and I had started formulating all these great excuses to launch on my friends as to why this dress was clearly made for me.
   I am, my friends, what they call a shopaholic.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chronicles: A mockery is made of the best laid plans.

Disclaimer: Pic compliments of yallin.com

   I had a plan of how I wanted the first day of the new semester to unfold. I was going to fall asleep at 8.30 pm the night before so I could awake the next day all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. I would hop out of bed refreshed and hopeful, ready to meet what would be a great day.
   Yes, I had decided to grip September by the horns and make the most out of it. This would be the beginning of a new era for the Misnomer. A new month, a new attitude, a new positive outlook on Life.
   However, even though I duly clambered into bed at 8.30 pm, I didn't fall asleep till after twelve...Mainly because I soon clambered out of bed to eat double chocolate chip ice-cream and reminisce on what had been a great, lazy summer.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pretend it's September 1st...

   So I was going to post yesterday but then I realized I didn't have anything to post about and that I only wanted to post because it was the first of September. 
   Ahhh September 1st....the day you realize you're going to have to write on everyone's facebook wall every single day because half your friends are born in that month. 
   The day when you realized that if your Hogwarts letter had come in the mail like it was supposed to you would be on the Hogwarts Express with all the other wizards.
   The month where every fashion conscious woman scratches her head and tries to figure out how to update her wardrobe to encompass the fall season. (Garance Dore wrote a great post on how hard it is to leave your summer clothes behind here. ) 
   The month where University students like myself reluctantly trudge to school while starting the countdown to next summer.
   The month where leaves turn orange and fall off the trees and hit innocent Uni students in the face as they study on the grass below them.
   Okay, so maybe September isn't my favourite month. Mainly because every September I happen to look in my wardrobe and realize I need a wardrobe overhaul. This happens every year. And I'm not the only that is worried. Why is it that every September we women look in our wardrobe and realize there is nothing to wear? And it's not just the women in the temperate climates. Where I live doesn't even have a proper autumn (well the leaves fall off the tree, but that's it. It doesn't really get colder). So why can't I find anything to wear? What is it about September?
   I think it's because, like Spring, people kind of view September as a new beginning. For some people, It's the beginning of a new season: Autumn. For others, its the beginning of a new term / semester at school.           
   Basically, for many of us, September heralds in something new. I dunno why, but stuff happens to happen in September. Particularly in September. I'm a bit upset about leaving the laziness of summer behind, but I really do need a wake up call for my lethargic brain. So let's do it. 
  I'm ready September. Snap me awake and make me busy.
  Bring it on.
 Give me all you've got. After all, I just might survive it.

Painting entitled September Morn. Disclaimer: I do not own this image. Image compliments of Sniggle.com

I found this great painting on sniggle.com called September Morn and I think its really beautiful and aptly depicts how I feel about September in general. I feel vulnerable, uncertain, kind of like I'm naked, but hell, at least I'm there. And I haven't run scared. 
  How do you guys feel about September? What, if anything, is new that's going on in your life this month?

Monday, August 30, 2010

Shallowness: Eyebrows, Ruby Woo kisses and Housekeeping

Pic compliments of Sephora's Beauty and the Blog
  So the fall trend according to several magazines and Sephora's beauty blog is full, thick brows. I don't think I would go as far as the model in the pic above, but I have been growing out my brows for awhile, not because I was aware of this trend, but because I'm kinda suck at doing my brows.
   So this morning I woke up with a very shallow purpose: I was determined to pluck and shape my own eyebrows. This was a bold and scary venture as previous attempts have ended badly. I have ended up with spaces in the middle of my left brow, with bleeding, and I have had to wear a cap for a week. This is all due to the fact that I am the single klutziest person on planet earth and I don't usually trust myself with sharp objects. However, I've decided to man up and try again. 
   Of course, I have not manned up as yet, and now sit here writing this post as a way to procrastinate and work myself up to actually doing it ('cos if I say I'm going to do it online, that means I have to do it, right? :).

   Another recent shallow interest of mine is red lipstick. Now usually, I'm not bold enough to try something so distinctive on my face, but Lori of hisherchigago finally managed to talk me into it, and give it a whirl.  She suggested Ruby Woo by Mac. So I traipsed into the city, stalked into the MAC cosmetics section, and confidently asked to meet this Ruby Woo...and then I saw it and nearly ran in the opposite direction. It looked so bright! The gay assistant that was helping me put his hand on his hip and said, "Girl, just try it!" I meekly went over to a mirror and applied it. 
  And it was like love, lust and life at first application. I LOVE it! In fact, I loved it so much I wore it out of the store, to the bus stop and to work. So far, I have also worn it at home, to my grandparents' house and to the grocery store. I'm trying to figure out how I get away with wearing it to the beach. I have even given a Ruby Woo kiss to my sister's hurt knee, and the next day she swore it hurt less. 
   Clearly, I'm obsessed. But you have to understand how I feel. Trust me, I've tried red lipsticks before, and most of them look horrible on my complexion. I've noticed that a problem girls at the opposite ends of the spectrum-- girls with very fair complexions and girls with very deep complexions-- seem to have trouble with is finding the right red lipstick. And I think what's so great about Ruby Woo is that it suits almost all complexions. I don't know quite how, but it does.
   The only problem I have is that it's matte and so it is very drying. In fact, it's the most drying thing I've ever put on my lips. I have to use lip balm underneath it, and sometimes a lip gloss on top of it. But it's still definitely worth it. The colour is fantastic! As it's matte it isn't glossy, so even though it's bright it doesn't look like it's too much. And I feel like a fifties spy in it. Which is, obviously, what I've always wanted to be in life.

   Anyway, I'm off to do some house cleaning (a la Ruby Woo), and I'm going to the mall later today with a very good friend.  I also have to somehow fit in my eyebrow shaping into my very busy day (see how I'm conveniently filling up my day so I can avoid doing this task? Skills.)
   Hopefully my next post will be something less shallow, but this blog is about the chronicles of the Misnomer and this is what is going on in the Misnomer's life right now. Tell me what shallow interests you have going on in your life! What porduct are you currently obsessing over? And am I the only one who sucks at doing her own brows? Oh, and I've created a twitter account specifically for this blog: www.twitter.com/themisnomer

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Does your clothing define you?

Does the way you dress match your personality?
    I read this interesting article by Amy Uhrich and it was funny because it was a topic that I recently found myself thinking about as well. I found it was a well- written article on Clothing vs. Lifestyle, but I figured that I'd also give a crack at it to add my opinion on it.
    Now I don't know about you, but I think a lot of us dress as a way to show who we are inside on the outside. The external display of clothes is a medium through which we transfer our inner feelings. It's like a chance to show who we would like to be, but are not because we are too chicken. At least that is how it is for me.
    For example, I have a very retro 1980's Cyndi- Lauperish approach to style. I love the big shaggy hair of the eighties, and while my hair is unfortunately not so big anymore, I overdose on the shaggy part to make up for it. Nearly every week I find an excuse to wear my cropped, studded jeans jacket and ripped, faded uber-tight Levi skinnies. Basically I usually look like a 80's/early 90's reject or a Day of Our Lives extra circa 1990. (Don't knock it. It's kinda cute in all its pathetic-ness) 
    But alas, I am not a cool crazy recording artist like Cyndi Lauper who gave us big hits like Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and I Drove All Night (I still think Celine Dion ruined that song with her perfect smooth voice, but that's a rant for another time.) I'm just a regular University Lit major who just might one day gather the boldness to sing Girls Don't Wanna Cry at an empty karaoke bar. 
    Therefore, my bold way of dressing does not match my personality at all. So what now? Do I dress all mundane and inhibited to reflect my life? Heck no! I keep dressing in the cool threads to show the bad-ass I am deep down on the inside. The bad ass that doesn't care about what people think about her clothes (except that catwoman outfit. Even my inner bad ass rejects that.) And I think that that is important, 'cos that's the only chance my inner bad-ass gets to come to light. 
   And I think that that shows the importance of dressing. It's so important that there is some outlet in our lives that shows our personality, just in case our life / lifestyle doesn't do the job. And sometimes it's the only hint anyone who has just met you gets an inkling of who you really are on the inside. I know a guy once looked at my pincushion earrings (....don't ask) and rightly predicted that underneath there was a wild child just waiting to be set free and who wanted to do the crazy things like bungee jump and skydive. He turned out to be a douchebag who just wanted to get into my Levi's (there's not enough room for you in these skin tights, loser.). But he was right.
    So basically, dress how you want. Do what you want. Into full wide ball gowns? Wear them. Everyday. Into huge dream catchers that you want to wear as a pendant on a necklace? Do it. Walked into Portobello Market two years ago and bought long turquoise feather earrings that match nothing in your wardrobe ? Wear them anyway. Don't mind what people say when they say that fashion or the way you dress doesn't matter. It does! If only to you as an outlet for your inner self!
   What do you guys think? Give me your thoughts please! :)

Sunday, August 22, 2010

I bought a catwoman suit.

  One of my favourite songs is Frou Frou's 'Let Go', but I've never really let go in my life. In fact, I've always stayed peacefully within the lines and did what I was supposed to do. Just keeping my real feelings and desires under wrap. I have always been the classic definition of a 'good girl'. I've always gotten good grades (including a scholarship), obeyed my parents when I could, and I just try to keep out of everyone's way.
  However, sometime this week, I forgot to care about what I'm supposed to do and about what other people think. I went into the city, bought the brightest red lipstick I could find, and later bought a leather skintight outfit that makes me look like catwoman. It was all very empowering. Plus, it was on sale.
  Of course, when I returned home, staring in horror at the faux-leather gold-zipped monstrosity I had actually purchased, I realized that maybe that wasn't the best way to let go. (No complaints about the red lipstick though. Ruby Woo by MAC is great). But it was hopefully a step towards freedom. And I'm already seeing improvements in myself. I mean, a year ago I would have been way too shy to even start my own blog, and now I've done that. And I'm definitely more assertive than I used to be. After all, I tell my hairdresser exactly what I want my hair to look like now when I go for an appointment. (Oh, that doesn't count? Darn.)
   But I've still got a long way to go in fulfilling the true meaning of 'letting go' that Imogen Heap talks about in that song. Maybe it will hurt, maybe I will end up making a few more disastrous purchases that I can't wear outside my bedroom, maybe I'll struggle some more before I become stronger, but at least I won't be such a pushover. And even if I do make some mistakes along the way, according to Frou Frou "there's beauty even in the breakdown." Which I take to mean "if I fuck up, that's ok too."
  Have you done anything that gave you a moment of empowerment? Have you made any disastrous purchases? Have you "let go" recently? If so, share! Share! :)

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Public Grooming.

Today is Sunday which means I have nothing better to do than watch football, drink a couple beers, and continue my very intense addiction with fashion blogs. One of these such blogs is Sephora's,  and they recently posted an entry on the topic of public lipstick application. Now, this may seem a minor issue to some people, but fashion-obsessed as I am, I think it is one that must continue to be properly addressed. And not just lipstick, but hair-grooming, nail polish application...the works.
Let me just start off with my stance on this topic: Small actions like applying chapstick at the table or brushing your hair on the bus because you didn't have a chance to do so this morning is fine. But I draw the line at applying lipstick and powder at the dinner table in front of your date and dinner mates. I mean, there's a reason women use the excuse that they're going to the powder room and why ladies rooms exist. I feel this way because chapstick/ lipgloss is something that doesn't require a mirror, but lipstick (at least for me) is something that does. If you're one of those gals that can apply lipstick without one, go ahead, do your thing. But if you have to pull out a compact mirror, and possibly lip-liner as well to apply it properly, go to the restroom. I think it's rude because you offend your dinner partner by placing this mirror in front of your face between the two of you, halting conversation, and probably making the poor guy/ girl feel uncomfortable.
And anyway, there is probably better lighting and a bigger mirror in the restroom anyway.
Now believe it or not, I have seen people, not just brush their hair on the bus, but indulge in making elaborate hairstyles like cornrows (I kid you not), and use jumbo sized bottles of gel, hair pomade and styling foam. All at the discomfort of the person they are sitting next to. You have not lived till you are on a cramped bus and a girl is poking you in the eye with her elbow as she tries to cornrow her hair. It was bliss. Insert sarcasm wherever you feel fit.
I have also witnessed people putting on nail polish at work, taking deodorant out of their bag and applying it at their work desk, I've even heard of people clipping their toenails at work (ewww!!). And I think all of this isn't right. Surely its not too much to ask that they take a minute, rush to the restroom, do what they have to do, and leave us none the wiser?
So basically, public grooming in my opinion is a no-no, except for little things like lip gloss application or brushing-- just brushing!!-- your hair on the bus. What do you guys think? What is going too far in terms of public grooming? Where should the line be drawn?

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

What I like about myself.

It seems there's a lot of complaining going on in this world. And I should know, 'cos I'm one of the complainers. But recently I've been thinking about maybe counting my blessings more often instead of my failures. Also, I just read apricot tea's most recent blog entry on what she loves about herself, and I was even more inspired by the comments she got than the entry itself. She asked her readers to list at least five things they like about themselves, and the answers just made me happy.

Anyway, all this has led me to compose a list of 10 things that I love about myself and my life right now.

1. I love being healthy. As we speak my sister is recovering from a sickness and it suddenly struck me that you are nothing and can achieve nothing if you don't have your health. Everyday I wake up I should be glad I'm able to get out of bed unassisted, in my right mind and with a healthy body.

2. I love being single. I know there are a lot of women who are always in relationships, and I always thought they were the lucky ones because they always had someone around. But I've realized that being constantly in a relationship isn't that healthy and that some of these girls don't know who they are outside of their partner. And that they feel that the only way to validate their being is if there is someone there to dote on them and tell them that they are worthy.
However, I am not and have never been that girl. Greater periods of my life have been spent single than in a relationship, and I've never regretted that. However, earlier this summer, just because it was summer, I started feeling lonely and thinking maybe I should give this relationship thing another whirl. But then I realized that I was thinking about being in a relationship for all the wrong reasons. I mean, there was no significant person I deemed acceptable at the time, and I never think that one should get into a relationship just because they're lonely. But instead because they're ready. And when there's a partner worthy of your heart.
And anyway, like I've said, I'm beginning to love this single thing. No calls every five minutes. No feeling of responsibility. No explaining my every action to someone. In fact, I love singledom so much now that a guy would have to be pretty freaking amazing to change my mind now. Haha!

3. I love my hair. Now there is one thing in my life that I spend a considerable amount of time and effort on, and that is my hair. I dote on it, I pamper it, I spend way more on it than I do on my other obsession: clothes. It's mid length right now and it's healthy so I'm happy. I've never been a fan of extensions, hair-pieces, weave or whatever you want to call it. So I decided that I would take care of my own (albeit thin) hair so I wouldn't have to resort to such methods. Taking the time to get your own hair done well is so much more worth it than putting in someone else's hair. If you take care of it, it will be healthier snd thicker and all those hairstyles you thought you could only achieve with weave are now achievable with your own hair because its healthy enough to take it.

4. I love my body. I'm somewhat vertically challenged, just over five feet, but I've always kinda liked that. And I have a decent figure. Not too thin, not too curvy, just right. I probably need to tone up in some areas, but nobody's perfect. And I'm fine the way I am.

5. I love my family. I have a fantastic family. We have our little spats and tiffs, but now I take an objective step back and look at my family, we're not so bad. My whole family loves me and I hope they know that I love them very much. I should probably tell them that more often.

6. I love my close friend K. Do you know what it's like to have a forever friend? The kind that you just know if you stopped talking to him or her today, and just saw him/her five years later you could pick up where you left off with no awkwardness? I mean, this friend means so much to me. Has always been there for me, and I've always done the same. In this person, I found the ride-or-die type friend that had always eluded me, and in me this person found the listening, non-judgmental friend. And I'm so happy we found each other, because close friends like that are just so hard to find. Most people only find one or two in their lifetime.

7. I love my weird sense of style. I have a very strange way of dressing, and since I started following blogs I've found people with a similar style to mine but not quite. Its just very strange. If I had to describe it it would probably be similar to Kate Moss's or Karen Blanchard 's sort of style. Kinda bohemian, but not as bohemian as Karen. But basically, my style is never too glamorous or too clean. My hair will always be a bit tousled (I've discovered that this is a nice word substitute for shaggy or unkempt), my shirt will be oversized, and my clothes might not match. And that's just me. Growing up, I didn't have a whole lot of clothes and I had a lot of hand-me-downs from my sisters, so I had to be creative with what I did have. And this has contributed to my strange style. And I love it.

8. I love my eyes. I'm fortunate enough to have nice eyes, but I played around with coloured contacts for awhile until so many people told me I looked better with my natural eye colour that I decided to go back to clear contacts.

9. I love.... Love. I don't think I've really found it yet, but I know it's out there, and I've caught glimpses of it in the love I receive from my family and my friends. But that not the love that I really want. I want the type of love between a man and a women..or a woman and woman..or a man and a man...depending on what you're into. Anyway, I'm getting myself confused. I want the love between two people who feel like they need each other and they complete each other, not just in a sexual way but in a beautiful, abstract, intangible way that is so hard to describe.

10. And finally, I love my blog. And I love those that have commented so far. All three of you. Seriously you have truly made this all worth it. No, seriously, I had abandoned this blog till I saw E's comment under my first blog entry encouraging me. Thank you so much.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

"Writing is like carrying a foetus" - Edna O'Brian

I love writing. The feeling of putting pen to a blank paper just fills me with happiness, because I know of the limitless possibilities I can create. With only a $3.99 pen and a $5.00 notebook. I mean, I could transport myself to an Amazon rainforest, or take myself to the North Pole, or exist in the 1500's or jump into the future to December 31st 2012. (You may ask why this date is important. Well, I just want to see and record the looks on people's faces at 12 in the night when they realize the world has not ended after all. Which will of course reiterate my point that the Mayan calender only ends then because whoever was doing the Calender simply fell asleep.)
Anyway, the point is that I love writing. However, sometimes despite this fact, I get scared to write. I mean, yes, the abilities of a writer transcend place and time due to the literary powers we wield, but with all power comes a serious sense of responsibility.
I believe it was Edna O'Brien that compared writing to carrying a foetus. I agree wholeheartedly with that comparison. Sometimes as my pen stands poised over that blank sheet of paper, the pen starts quivering as though it was scared of the responsibility it holds to the literary world. I must not just write anything. It must be brilliant. It must be true. There must be a sense of verisimilitude. Therefore it must be well-researched. Therefore I must employ google. And wikipedia. But using wikipedia is not considered research. Thus, I must employ the search engines at school in the library under the pretext of doing schoolwork.
And do you know what often happens? I get so bogged down with trying to get the story right that the time I should be spending writing the story is spent making sure the story is even plausible.
When I should just write. And maybe worry about this "research" bullshit later. Hmmm, now there's a thought.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Regardless my heart, I'd rather be breathless.

Sitting here in a camouflage-green skirt and delicate purple top, bright red reading glasses and tousled hair, I realize that this is yet another day in the summer that I have done nothing except commit several fashion faux pas 's. Plus, I'm tired of myself.
Yes, I said it.
I'm that frustrated. I've been living on a steady diet of water and microwaved foods and I can't stop wondering about where my life is going. I mean, I'm supposed to be on my second New York bestselling novel by now, while living off the successes of my first novel. Plus I've never felt so....placeless.
I've decided its time for a change. Or at least an effort towards change. Instead of just saying I'm going to do stuff, I'll actually do it.
Starting with getting started on that bestselling novel. So that's all for now. Gotta get to writing. Peace out.
p.s. Oh, the title of this post is actually a misreading, or rather, a mishearing of the lyrics from Amy Winehouse's song "Wake Up Alone". I had always thought it was "Regardless my heart, I'd rather be breathless," but it turns out that it's actually "If I was my heart, I'd rather be restless" ...which isn't nearly as interesting.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

First blog entry, and I'm excited!

I did it. I took the leap. My blog virginity has been taken. I have been sucked into the blogosphere, heavily inspired by such bloggers like Christiana Mbakwe (christianarants.com), The Sartorialist and innumerable fashion bloggers. However, I should warn you that this is going to be a very random blog. Major themes will of course, be current affairs and fashion, but if I feel like writing about...say...football or the weather or Megan Fox, by George I will.
Anyways, this is just an introduction to the Misnomer. Not much to say this time around. Stay tuned though. it only gets better from here.