Sunday, October 10, 2010

Frugality Game : Episode 2


   Ladies and gentlemen, I have discovered a brilliant way to avoid spending money: get sick. Trust me, it works. I was sick a week before last with a bad cold, and I didn't spend a dime. Not one dime. In fact, if I could be sick without the side effects of....sickness, I would cuz then I'd be a millionaire in no time.
   That was a joke by the way. I never want to be sick again. Missing a week of school and of work isn't worth it. But what I wasn't joking about is that I spent no money that week. And get this : Miss Frugality Jane is still in the final position of the Frugality game as she has bought two dresses which are indeed nice, but which came up to a total of $160. Add that to the two bags she bought a couple of weeks ago and you can understand why even she accepts that there is no coming back for her now. Especially since my other sister Jackie has continued to be so financially prudent.
   Me? I'm still somewhere in between. I had to go to the hairdresser on Monday because when I was sick I completely neglected my hair for a week and it started to look weird and being the hair obsessed girl I am, I just couldn't handle it. So first thing Monday morning I practically flew to the salon to have it treated and trimmed, and between my sobs and hysteria, my hairdresser seemed to understand that I needed her to do it, cuz I just couldn't handle it anymore. Well, she did a brilliant job, but I ended up spending $90 on that brilliant job. Now add that to my purchase of Victoria Secret underwear I did not need, and other various little items that I SO did not need (like did I really need those two $7 each sparkly barrettes? No.) and I'm up to a total of $200+. Which isn't that bad, considering that Jane has spent  $400+ so far. I don't know how much Jackie is spending, but I do know that it isn't a lot at all. The girl has not been shopping in ages!
   I don't understand what is up with her. She used to be such a shopaholic when I was growing up. In fact, she is the reason why I became a shopaholic. But I guess I'm really proud of her. And of myself.
   What I cannot understand however, is why Jane is spending so much. And why all at once. You see, unlike Jackie and I, who used to shop often but not spend a lot, Jane rarely shops, but tends to spend quite a bit when she does shop. This is because she likes to have clothes of good quality so she won't have to shop again for awhile. Now this is logical, and does make sense, but it is just unfortunate for Jane that she is seeing all this high quality stuff all at once in the month that she decided to initiate the Frugality Game.
  The irony of this is not lost on me. In fact, I chortle every time I think about it. Much to Jane's chagrin.
  So that's the frugality game update.
   In other news, I am about to be submerged in a ton of Literature mid semester essays, so you will have to forgive me if my updates are not as frequent as I'd like them to be.

p.s. By the way, I celebrated a birthday recently and one of the gifts I received, among jewellery and shoes, was an Oster hair dryer that is so powerful I think it could tow a truck! I'm really glad I received it because I would not have thought of buying an Oster hairdryer. I thought they only made toasters. Who knew?
 Have a great week guys!


  1. you only have a week and 1/2 left, no? im still loving the fact that the sister who thought she would win is in last place. lol

  2. The first sentence made me laugh! Wow! I continue to love this Frugality Game. I find myself consistently looking for updates!

    Hehe. Your sister is priceless! So wonderful.


  3. Uggh, I hate getting sick! But you're right, it totally saves money.

  4. lol I like your writing style, you are very witty :) and you are right, being sick does save money!
    but i hate it lol

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