Thursday, September 2, 2010

Pretend it's September 1st...

   So I was going to post yesterday but then I realized I didn't have anything to post about and that I only wanted to post because it was the first of September. 
   Ahhh September 1st....the day you realize you're going to have to write on everyone's facebook wall every single day because half your friends are born in that month. 
   The day when you realized that if your Hogwarts letter had come in the mail like it was supposed to you would be on the Hogwarts Express with all the other wizards.
   The month where every fashion conscious woman scratches her head and tries to figure out how to update her wardrobe to encompass the fall season. (Garance Dore wrote a great post on how hard it is to leave your summer clothes behind here. ) 
   The month where University students like myself reluctantly trudge to school while starting the countdown to next summer.
   The month where leaves turn orange and fall off the trees and hit innocent Uni students in the face as they study on the grass below them.
   Okay, so maybe September isn't my favourite month. Mainly because every September I happen to look in my wardrobe and realize I need a wardrobe overhaul. This happens every year. And I'm not the only that is worried. Why is it that every September we women look in our wardrobe and realize there is nothing to wear? And it's not just the women in the temperate climates. Where I live doesn't even have a proper autumn (well the leaves fall off the tree, but that's it. It doesn't really get colder). So why can't I find anything to wear? What is it about September?
   I think it's because, like Spring, people kind of view September as a new beginning. For some people, It's the beginning of a new season: Autumn. For others, its the beginning of a new term / semester at school.           
   Basically, for many of us, September heralds in something new. I dunno why, but stuff happens to happen in September. Particularly in September. I'm a bit upset about leaving the laziness of summer behind, but I really do need a wake up call for my lethargic brain. So let's do it. 
  I'm ready September. Snap me awake and make me busy.
  Bring it on.
 Give me all you've got. After all, I just might survive it.

Painting entitled September Morn. Disclaimer: I do not own this image. Image compliments of

I found this great painting on called September Morn and I think its really beautiful and aptly depicts how I feel about September in general. I feel vulnerable, uncertain, kind of like I'm naked, but hell, at least I'm there. And I haven't run scared. 
  How do you guys feel about September? What, if anything, is new that's going on in your life this month?


  1. im dying for call clothes too but im living in a high altitude south american city right now...and the weather is the same all year round :S

  2. This was a fabulous post as always. If only our Hogwarts letters would get here already!

    And why is it that all our friends were born this month!!!!!??!!


  3. hey thanks for your sweetest comment on my blog dear!

    i'm following your blog now


    PS let me know if you want to exchange links:)

  4. i like your post.
    so interesting
    ciao from Milan
    Nicola freshONpr

  5. I sort of feel like you. I love September, but I'm reluctantly trudging back to school... and the prospect of winter. It's kind of bittersweet for me.


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