Saturday, August 28, 2010

Does your clothing define you?

Does the way you dress match your personality?
    I read this interesting article by Amy Uhrich and it was funny because it was a topic that I recently found myself thinking about as well. I found it was a well- written article on Clothing vs. Lifestyle, but I figured that I'd also give a crack at it to add my opinion on it.
    Now I don't know about you, but I think a lot of us dress as a way to show who we are inside on the outside. The external display of clothes is a medium through which we transfer our inner feelings. It's like a chance to show who we would like to be, but are not because we are too chicken. At least that is how it is for me.
    For example, I have a very retro 1980's Cyndi- Lauperish approach to style. I love the big shaggy hair of the eighties, and while my hair is unfortunately not so big anymore, I overdose on the shaggy part to make up for it. Nearly every week I find an excuse to wear my cropped, studded jeans jacket and ripped, faded uber-tight Levi skinnies. Basically I usually look like a 80's/early 90's reject or a Day of Our Lives extra circa 1990. (Don't knock it. It's kinda cute in all its pathetic-ness) 
    But alas, I am not a cool crazy recording artist like Cyndi Lauper who gave us big hits like Girls Just Wanna Have Fun and I Drove All Night (I still think Celine Dion ruined that song with her perfect smooth voice, but that's a rant for another time.) I'm just a regular University Lit major who just might one day gather the boldness to sing Girls Don't Wanna Cry at an empty karaoke bar. 
    Therefore, my bold way of dressing does not match my personality at all. So what now? Do I dress all mundane and inhibited to reflect my life? Heck no! I keep dressing in the cool threads to show the bad-ass I am deep down on the inside. The bad ass that doesn't care about what people think about her clothes (except that catwoman outfit. Even my inner bad ass rejects that.) And I think that that is important, 'cos that's the only chance my inner bad-ass gets to come to light. 
   And I think that that shows the importance of dressing. It's so important that there is some outlet in our lives that shows our personality, just in case our life / lifestyle doesn't do the job. And sometimes it's the only hint anyone who has just met you gets an inkling of who you really are on the inside. I know a guy once looked at my pincushion earrings (....don't ask) and rightly predicted that underneath there was a wild child just waiting to be set free and who wanted to do the crazy things like bungee jump and skydive. He turned out to be a douchebag who just wanted to get into my Levi's (there's not enough room for you in these skin tights, loser.). But he was right.
    So basically, dress how you want. Do what you want. Into full wide ball gowns? Wear them. Everyday. Into huge dream catchers that you want to wear as a pendant on a necklace? Do it. Walked into Portobello Market two years ago and bought long turquoise feather earrings that match nothing in your wardrobe ? Wear them anyway. Don't mind what people say when they say that fashion or the way you dress doesn't matter. It does! If only to you as an outlet for your inner self!
   What do you guys think? Give me your thoughts please! :)


  1. I think the way we dress definitely is a look into our personalities...i know that when i get dressed i dont really think about it though...i just go for what i like and what is visually appealing to i cant really decipher what my style says about

  2. The clothes we buy don't define out personalities, it's how you wear them.
    for example; if you want to buy and elegant dress and wear converse and rainbow necklaces then do it! That's what I think it means by "our clothes defining our personalities"

  3. Thanks for the link on the article.

    And thanks for leaving your blog website on your comment on nirrimi's blog. . . .I am now an avid follower! I like what I see!!! And this is an awesome blogpost. I can very much relate!

    More more more.. .

  4. Hi, just stumbled across you blog by accident, and i love it! I love the way you write. And then i saw your twitter, and what the heck? you're a gooner? Me too!!!! Well, not so anymore, since titi left arsenal. But still love the gunnners. (Went to see Arsenal-Barcelona game in Higbury last season. Yaayy!)

    Anyway to answer your question. I dunno really, one day i dress really girly girl with 6inch high heels and the other day i dress like a sporty chick (and i don't workout at all). So i think it depends on my mood on that day and not so necessary about my personality.

    Much love from Amsterdam, Holland.

  5. oh, and I'm officially following you on bloglovin! :) hahah

  6. i think im a lot more crazier than the way i dress...but yes that defines my upbringing i guess...

    follow if u like what u see?



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