Sunday, August 15, 2010

Public Grooming.

Today is Sunday which means I have nothing better to do than watch football, drink a couple beers, and continue my very intense addiction with fashion blogs. One of these such blogs is Sephora's,  and they recently posted an entry on the topic of public lipstick application. Now, this may seem a minor issue to some people, but fashion-obsessed as I am, I think it is one that must continue to be properly addressed. And not just lipstick, but hair-grooming, nail polish application...the works.
Let me just start off with my stance on this topic: Small actions like applying chapstick at the table or brushing your hair on the bus because you didn't have a chance to do so this morning is fine. But I draw the line at applying lipstick and powder at the dinner table in front of your date and dinner mates. I mean, there's a reason women use the excuse that they're going to the powder room and why ladies rooms exist. I feel this way because chapstick/ lipgloss is something that doesn't require a mirror, but lipstick (at least for me) is something that does. If you're one of those gals that can apply lipstick without one, go ahead, do your thing. But if you have to pull out a compact mirror, and possibly lip-liner as well to apply it properly, go to the restroom. I think it's rude because you offend your dinner partner by placing this mirror in front of your face between the two of you, halting conversation, and probably making the poor guy/ girl feel uncomfortable.
And anyway, there is probably better lighting and a bigger mirror in the restroom anyway.
Now believe it or not, I have seen people, not just brush their hair on the bus, but indulge in making elaborate hairstyles like cornrows (I kid you not), and use jumbo sized bottles of gel, hair pomade and styling foam. All at the discomfort of the person they are sitting next to. You have not lived till you are on a cramped bus and a girl is poking you in the eye with her elbow as she tries to cornrow her hair. It was bliss. Insert sarcasm wherever you feel fit.
I have also witnessed people putting on nail polish at work, taking deodorant out of their bag and applying it at their work desk, I've even heard of people clipping their toenails at work (ewww!!). And I think all of this isn't right. Surely its not too much to ask that they take a minute, rush to the restroom, do what they have to do, and leave us none the wiser?
So basically, public grooming in my opinion is a no-no, except for little things like lip gloss application or brushing-- just brushing!!-- your hair on the bus. What do you guys think? What is going too far in terms of public grooming? Where should the line be drawn?

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  1. Well aren't these "people" just superficial tarts?!?!? That annoys me. Can't people just be comfortable with who they are?


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