This page is where I store all my life posts for easy classification. I've done this manually because my blog has a lot of different themes and subjects, and I wanted to organize it a little for those who might be visiting with only the interest of only reading the Chronicles in mind.

1. Chronicles: I Bought a Catwoman Suit - 22 August 2010.
Description: Self-Awakening by Way of Pleather

2. Chronicles: A Mockery is Made of the Best Laid Plans - 8 September 2010
Description: A Disastrous First Day at Uni

3. A New Phase -  4 October 2011.
Description: The Night before I bravely hacked all my hair off.

4. Chronicles: Last Day of July - 31 July 2013
Description: Free Food and Library Overdues (I rhymed!)
A highly detailed schedule of my day featuring insomnia, bottom lash mascara, and the beginnings of an obsession with a K-pop band.

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