Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lets play a game.....

Disclaimer: Pic compliments of www.lilitu.com
My sister has just suggested that we play a game. I perked up hoping she meant something like Uno or Poker or something interesting.
   "I propose we play a game this month. I've decided to play this game with my friend T and we decided to challenge each other to see who can spend the least money this month. 'Cos we're both trying to save. Do you want to play too?"
   My shoulders immediately slumped and I went back to frowning at the laptop screen. I thought I knew why she was mentioning this game to me. Earlier this very night I had unwittingly allowed her to read my last blog post on being a shopaholic. Still in denial about how horrible my shopping habits have become, I kinda don't think I need to play any silly frugality games. Pssh. I can stop my shopping anytime. And I will. All on my own.
   Yes, these were the thoughts that raced through my head in the seconds that followed her announcement. Then I figured what the hell, I might as well play this game. I mean, I only have a part time job while my sister has a permanent full time job, so she makes more than me, so she is probably going to spend more than me. I should win this game easily.
   Then I remembered something about my sis Jane: she is the sensible sister. And she doesn't like to lose.
My other sister Jackie and I are far more flighty, live-for-the-moment people. We're both shopaholics, we're both random, and we both have odd senses of humour. Jane is special too, but she's just always got her head on more than us. She's dedicated, passionate to what she loves, and single-minded. And she doesn't like to admit it, but she can be very competitive. She will be a worthier opponent that I had previously thought.
   And so without further ado....let the games begin.
  This will be a series I will try to blog about at least twice a week till the end of this month-long game. Should be interesting seeing how a shopaholic will cope against a sensible sister. Lets do this.

   p.s. By 'month', my sister means that this game will commence from today, Sept 21st till Oct 21st, as September has nearly ended (and thank God for that. September has not been my best month. lol)


  1. i cant wait to see how you do! :)

  2. I'm still loving your writing.

    Oh dear, a month of frugality!?! Wow. I tried that with my best friend once. We lasted two weeks because we saw it as limiting ourselves instead of, opening up to a different world of freedom. It really matters how you view things. A positive point of view always outlasts a negative, restricting one.

    Good luck, dear!


  3. Nicely written. Good luck with the 'game'! :)

  4. This was really funny to read and I am excited to see who wins.

  5. Before I forget, I blog too! Check mine out if/when you get a chance: www.complex-simpliciti.blogspot.com

  6. Yikes! Hopefully, you're able to curb your spending; at least for a month ;) Can't wait to read about it. All the best!


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