Tuesday, May 24, 2011

LDN Style

I went to London a couple of years ago and one of the first things I noticed on the high streets was the style. It was amazing. Its truly just like what you see  in the video below. No one seems to give a shit in London about how they dress. And the freedom of expression that that allows is fantastic. It was particularly fascinating to me, as I was (and am) a young island girl from the Caribbean, and people around here definitely don't dress like they do in London. Anyway, without further ado, behold the video that does a better job of summing up the rebelliousness of style that exists in London better than I ever could.

Friday, May 13, 2011

10 Commandments of Dating

Hello. I'm back.* And back with a list of dating commandments. I journeyed to the top of a mountain to get them, and have returned with them to you on tablets. Why are you guys dancing around an idol?... What, Biblical reference overkill? Yeah, I think so too.

Anyway, I'm serious about the dating rules part. I was talking to the lovely Isabel of Walk Of Fashion recently, and it made me think of what things a person, especially a female should do, and shouldn't do, on dates. So here you are.

The 10 Commandments of Dating. (According to the Misnomer, who actually has no life.)

10. Don't go someplace noisy on a first date. Generally, the point of a first date is to get to know the person, and find out whether you two are compatible. So conversation will be necessary. So don't go to a club. Why? It's too loud. And how are you going to keep a convo going if you're trying to keep time with his dance movements? And he's going to spend half the night trying to get drinks for you at the crowded bar anyway. So try to go to a place where you two can sit and talk and get to know each other better. Like to a restaurant... Or if you do go out dancing, make plans to meet for something to eat first so there is some opportunity for conversation.

9. Carry money just in case. Okay, we've all been told that traditionally a guy** should be a gentleman and pay for the lady on a date. But we also know that we live in the twenty-first century, and in a world of metrosexuals, feminist rights, adrogyny and gender-blindness, the gender lines have become kind of blurred. And more specifically, the idea of a classic delicate lady, and the idea of an 'man's man' gentleman are all but disappearing. Now we have the image of a superwoman-who-doesnt-need-a-man and a guy who is confused as to how to approach this new woman. In short, he might think you actually want to pay for your own dinner. And if you do have to pay, you can't make a fuss about it. 'You women wanted independence after all. Well now you have it. Tough' might be the argument a guy puts forward. (N.B -- Don't date that guy.)
Personally, I still think on a first date the guy should pay. Afterwards, you two can split the tab or work something out based on your respective incomes. But in any case, ALWAYS carry money to be safe. (And hey, you never know, you two might fall out during dinner and he might storm out and you get left with the whole tab. You never know.)