Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My Top Five Favourite Fashion Blogs

Wow! It's been awhile since I posted about fashion! Lately I've been into skin care and make up quite heavily and my blog has reflected that. However, I wanted to make a really quick post on my favourite fashion bloggers and say why I like them so much.

5. Walk of Fashion - My blogger friend Isabel had to make the list, even though she doesn't blog strictly about fashion. She's also really excellent as reviewing make up products and at detailing her skin care routine and stuff of that nature. However, when she does talk fashion, she does it really well! My favourite feature from her used to be the Interview a Fashion Blogger (Girls of the Blogosphere) segment which was unfortunately discontinued quite a while ago. Still a lovely blogger to follow though - and she covers a wide variety of topics such as lifestyle, skin care, make-up, bags, royal fashion (she's really on point with this one!) and nail polish!

4. Crack Cosette - I just never know what is coming next with this one, and thats what keeps me interested. I also love how she stays so true to the European aesthetic and palette. Like, some European bloggers try too hard to be urban or edgy or ethnic, and its just really embarrassing when you know that that is not what are about naturally or even what they genuinely feel comfortable in. She sees that there is still a lot of unexplored beauty in woolly fabrics, and pastel colours. I guess I just like how she resists trends but still manages to do new things with a very classic style.

3. The Sartorialist - At least one street blogger had to make the list and it had to be Scott Schuman. What a legend. The blog of his beau, Garance Dore, is more than a little wonderful as well. But Scott, Scott is amazing. He has the keen eye for detail that a great street style photographer requires.

2. Karla's Closet - I think I actually love this girl. Her style is just so...flawless. I know that word is bandied about a lot, but her attention to detail, to texture, and her fearlessness to adjust pretty clothes demands the word flawless. Since I started following her blog in 2010, this girl has been on point with every single post, and she only started in 2008! As in she took two years to perfect blogging, while others (me) never quite get the hang of it! The camera work is flawless, the editing is down... The whole blog just has such a uncluttered, stylish layout. For me, an aspiring minimalist, her blog is just so clean. That's the word! Clean. Her approach to fashion blogging is just so clean.

1. Style Pantry - If you are considering becoming a beauty blogger, don't go on her personal style page, because you will be discouraged. She can't be topped. Its just not possible. Just throw in the towel and walk away.
No seriously, her bravery with bright colours, ethnic prints and massive, billowing maxi dresses is to be revered. She is just so bad-assly excellent at all things fashion. Plus, as I'm a Caribbean girl, I can really appreciate all the bright colours and light, airy maxi dresses. I feel like if I were to live in the USA and I had all the resources and shops and everything, I'd have a style that was very similar to hers. Her style speaks to me on a very personal level.

Bonus fashion blog:
Style Tao - I really love Miray. She's a phenomenal street blogger. I actually think she might be as good, if not better than Scott, but her blog doesn't seem to get nearly as much flow for some reason, so I plugged her here. Guys, please check her out! She's photographed for Vogue and everything! :)

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