Friday, September 5, 2014

Fashion: Top 3 Best Revenge Outfits of All Time

1. Princess Diana's sexy LBD

Source: Real Simple
The year was 1994 and Princess Diana was already bethrothed to an unfaithful man. Even worse, this unfaithful husband-to-be was also the Prince of Wales so the humiliation must have been great on her part. In her first official appearance after Prince Charles publicly admitted to infidelity Princess Diana seemed determined to make the headlines about her instead of him. And boy did she! 20 years later this outfit has become legend and is referred to as the "Revenge Dress". Four for you Princess Di!

2. Rihanna's Tuxedo

Soure: Celeb Wohoo
I'm always shocked when noted fashion experts make a list of Rihanna's best looks and leave out this outfit. There should be a law against it because it is iconic, legendary and noteworthy for so many reasons! Before we get to the revenge bit, lets talk about the fashion/sartorial worth of this tux. This isn't just any tuxedo, its Dolce & Gabbana, custom fitted to perfection. The huge poofy sleeves and high heels essentially say, "Stay away. Don't touch me, I'm too fierce." And then she accessorized with black gloves and wore strong black, winged eyeliner to further emphasize how strong and bad ass she is.

Now lets talk about why its so important. This was Rihanna's first red carpet events in months after news of the horrific domestic abuse she suffered at the hands of ex Chris Brown broke. A tuxedo of course, is an outfit normally associated with men. That she wore it as her post-abuse debut basically represented her strength and her desire to be tough. In other words, she doesn't plan to be anyone's punching bag in the future. Of course since then she dated CB a few times but we didn't see any bruises and they broke up soon after anyway.She's not perfect but it's a process.

3. Kris' all black ensemble

Source: Hormones1106

Kris left international South Korean/Chinese boy band EXO in the most shocking way possible. Even before his own company knew it was being sued, a Chinese media outlet released news of the lawsuit to the world in the middle of the day in China. Total pandemonium ensued because the group was coming off of a high in 2013 due to the success of Growl so no one expected a member would leave the group so quickly.

By the time Kris finally returned to Beijing, China after shooting a movie for over a month in Prague, he had been called everything from a betrayer to a disappointment to He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. This is the outfit he wore when he arrived in Beijing. It's as though he was pretending to be the Voldemort they called him with his nose hidden away from view under a mask and robed in black from head to foot. Clearly he's having fun with the villified image the media has constructed around him!

I've noticed that all 3 outfits are all black or mostly all-black (Di's white choker was a nice contrast to the rest of her outfit) and which makes me think black is the color of revenge! 

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