Saturday, May 3, 2014

New Products

Hi! I'm back with a new post of some make-up products I've tried recently.

Over the first quarter of the year I purchased some new make-up products. The following is divided into the products I recommend and products that were horrid.

Favourable Products

MAC Kohl Eyeliner in Teddy

This is a gold-brown that will look either gold or brown depending on your complexion. If you are pale or olive it will look like a strong glow-y brown. If you are dark like me, it will show up gold, particularly in natural sunlight. I usually avoid brown eyeliner because it does nothing for my complexion. I'm already dark brown so it's often impossible to pick up the shade when I wear it. What I learned the hard way (after I tried several dark brown shades) is that I need to go for a lighter brown than my complexion, instead of trying to find one that was darker. This strange bronzy-shade opens up my eyes, makes them look brighter and larger and shows off the full effect of a strong mascara (because a black eyelinercan take away for its emphasiss).

MAC Kohl Eyeliner in Smolder 

This is a re-purchase. It was first purchased in early 2013 and then I unfortunately lost it soon after. I was devastated but couldn't justify re-purchasing it then because it's so expensive. However, a year has passed and to my disappointment I've found that no other kohl eyeliner can match up so I decided to bite the bullet and buy it again. No regrets. It's the best eyeliner hands down that I've ever had the pleasure of using. Its even better than MAC's black trackliner that I also adore.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Blush in Brazen Bronze  

I've been itching to buy an Estee Lauder blush since 2011 but the price put me off of doing so for three years. I was still hesitant to buy this product as it looked rather pink in its container and pink blushes really don't suit me at all. I already know that bronzy, berry and even coral blushes look much better on my dark skin tone. However, this pinkish brown blush doesn't go on pink at all and in fact has a gold-ish shimmer that is still subtle. When I apply it on my cheekbones (I never apply blush on the apples of my cheek because it ages me) it looks very natural and people can't even tell I'm wearing make-up at all, far less blush!

NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray

I was told by the sales lady that this can be applied before or after your make-up and it's probably the single worst piece of advice I've ever heard. Do NOT apply before your make-up because your make-up won't blend at all. This is a fantastic product to use after the rest of your make-up is applied. Not only will your make-up last longer but it will also ensure that it doesn't budge at all. Like you could walk into a hurricane and your make-up would still be perfect as you applied it, because it seals it in perfectly. I can't say much for it's matte effect though. To be honest I'd still rely on a good powder for that. Black Up's two way cake is a really good powder that can give that professional matte effect.

Horrid Products

NYX Shine Killer

Did not kill my shine but actually made me seem oily and greasy. Couldn't toss it in the trash fast enough. The only pro for this product is that it feels like silk when you first apply it. But then you feel like a tub of lard an hour later and that perk is quickly forgotten. The oiliness was particularly shocking to me because I actually have slightly dry and sensitive skin and it takes a lot to make me oily. I get shine from time to time but not the slick oily feeling I experienced after using this product.

Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Mascara

You'd think I'd know by now that the longer the title, the more bullshit the actual product is. But I never learn. I've been hunting for a new mascara since last year when my L'Oreal Lash Architect finally ran out. L'Oreal has discontinued that particular formula in favor of the newer Lash Architect 4D False Lash Effect (which I haven't tried because it's another long title which probably means it's not that great). I've been making do with L'Oreal's Volume Million Lashes Mascara but it's just not the same. So after this Estee Lauder mascara was hyped by a salesgirl I was ready to try another mascara to see if it would fill the void. It didn't. Actually, it's worse than L'Oreal's Million Lashes Mascara. It gives me zero length, zero volume, and it doesn't look as though my lashes have suddenly multiplied at all. Honestly, it doesn't look like I'm wearing anything on my lashes. It doesn't even separate the lashes I do have. Because I shelled out so much for this mascara I'll use it for a natural look but honestly I haven't been this disappointed by a mascara since Maybelline's Lash Stiletto.
N.B : Just because this mascara didn't work for me doesn't mean it won't suit other people. Mascara is one of those extremely personal, individualistic products where each individual needs to try several on their own to determine which mascara suits them. My HG mascara is definitely the original Lash Architect but I've seen reviews where it did nothing for the reviewer. So if you are looking for a new mascara, still feel free to give this one a shot.

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