Tuesday, May 24, 2011

LDN Style

I went to London a couple of years ago and one of the first things I noticed on the high streets was the style. It was amazing. Its truly just like what you see  in the video below. No one seems to give a shit in London about how they dress. And the freedom of expression that that allows is fantastic. It was particularly fascinating to me, as I was (and am) a young island girl from the Caribbean, and people around here definitely don't dress like they do in London. Anyway, without further ado, behold the video that does a better job of summing up the rebelliousness of style that exists in London better than I ever could.


  1. Loved the video! I like how rebellious the style is! I've only been to London once, but I remember feeling like I fit in, no matter what style I had on.


  2. i havent been to london since i was 3. must. go. soon.


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